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What is the Toronto World Leadership Forum

A Global Leading Platform

The Toronto World Leadership Forum offers leaders from business, civil society, politics, science, and academia, the opportunity to exchange views and experiences, to network at the highest global level and share best practices on current challenges related to both, leadership and peace.

The forum will also contribute to the strengthening of leaders for the construction of stronger economies in order to achieve the internationally defined development goals on sustainability and the improvement of quality of life of society in general.

Our speakers provide participants with ideas and tools on how to take advantage of the most effective ways in order to increase productivity and empowerment across multiple sectors of society. The need to create economies and improve policies geared towards gender equality contributes to the fulfillment of the socio-economic and political rights set out in the UN Development Agenda 2030. Also, the health, safety and well-being of the individual are seen as priority issues, as well as the professional development and their participation in the business sector. Speakers emphasize the importance of building valuable leadership relationships for the achievement of objectives.


Toronto World Leadership Forum has the mission to host international forums that create the roots of a movement for prosperity through peace. Each forum will include speakers with valuable tools for leadership, a framework for collaborative strategies and innovation and an opportunity to create networks with other leaders in the movement for peace from business, politics, academia, and grassroots civil society.


  • Strengthen the potential of our leaders in the field of motivational development for life and business through the tools needed to share vision and experiences in leadership and peace.
  • Contribute to the design of strategies, innovative creativity and to the analysis of different points of view that inspire investors, employees, and above all, the participants who are close to leading a corporate organization or institution.

The Toronto World Leadership Forum has information media for digital communication (website, magazine, and social media platforms).


Our Vision is to create a World Leadership Platform for Peace to empower people from around the globe with innovative and practical tools and network to lead a global movement for prosperity through peace.


The Toronto World Leadership Forum adheres to the principles of independence, impartiality, moral and intellectual integrity.

It recognizes and energetically affirms the dignity of those it serves, regardless of heritage, education, beliefs, race, income, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical or mental capabilities.

The Toronto World Leadership Forum is committed to fostering an environment of understanding and respect.

Three Reasons to Attend the Toronto World Leadership Forum


Attending a leadership forum is one of the best gifts you can receive. Remember that success in your job or business depends on your ability to lead. The Toronto World Leadership Forum offers you a comprehensive vision to discover your skills, intuition, talent, connection to the emotional sphere to effectively communicate, new affinities, development of other skills and reinforcement of existing skills. How? Applying tools, methodologies and other new practices that are being used in today’s world in leadership. With that relevant advice, you will recognize that successful people look for even more successful leaders, based on respect and depth of character to place them in their inner circle.


By attending the Toronto World Leadership Forum you will have the opportunity to connect and network with other influential leaders. You will be able to share your passions as well as communicate what you are doing online and offline to make a positive difference. The best networking comes from genuine relationships, not a simple business card exchange. No matter who you are trying to build a relationship with, treating that person as a friend rather than a business contact will take you much further with the relationship. Keep in mind that some individuals need to work more on leadership factors to achieve their goals.


The Toronto World Leadership Forum provides a unique learning orientation to achieve with integrity and passion the challenges that a leader intends to overcome. The forum content is designed to encourage, motivate and energize leaders from multiple sectors. The purpose is to achieve surprising results in the work activity, by assuming certain competencies based, for example, in the generation of networks. In today’s world, the working class requires more inspiration than orders to work. It strives more to achieve a performance significantly higher than required and it is there where personal effort has an exceptional influence on the achievement of the objectives. We are in front of a leader when that person makes us feel capable, talented, powerful, important, appreciated, enthusiastic, and preaches with the example.

Who Should Attend the Toronto World Leadership Forum

Whether you are a manager, business owner, entrepreneur or a high-level individual contributor, you know the importance of sharing best practices with highly qualified professionals in a place where current and exciting innovative thinking and real world experience is been shared.


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