Leadership Ambassadors

Founder & President of Women in Leadership Foundation
President of World Peace Forum and Schengen Peace Foundation
​​Lilian Ajayi-Ore
Executive Director/Founder Global Connections For Women Foundation (GC4W)
Secretary General at World Peace Forum
Carol Ann Hanley
Motivational Speaker, Speech Writer, Storyteller, Actress
Sunil Tulsiani
Founder and President of Private Investment Club
Sheikh Esref Efendi
Sufi Master
Ralph E. Winnie
International Legal and Business Strategist
Mohamed Khirallah
Founder and CEO of True Vision Designs
Carlos Palma
President at Youth World Peace Forum, Luxembourg
Adam Peabody
Investment Attraction & Growth Specialist at Ignite Fredericton
Youth Co–Chair UN DPI/NGO
Syeda Natalia Gul Jilani
Syeda Natalia Gul Jilani
Dentist, Actress, Comedian
Tunisian Civil Society Activist
Feride Gencaslan
CEO of The Sufi-Centre Rabbaniyya
Reneta Johnson
Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, International Trade Tech Advocate
Jack Carr
Realtor / Host / Emcee / Public Speaker
Tomas Villar de Rohde
Legislative Assistant to a Member of Argentinian Congress
Janet Moser
Director of the Fredericton Immigrant Business Service Centre
Alan Middleton
Executive Director at Schulich Executive Education Centre
Director at Vibe Connect Foundation and Vibe Artwork Pvt. ltd
Suprabha Raorane
Social Activist
Salman Mir
Entrepreneur & Marketer
Anne Marie Voorhoeve
Co-Creative Strategy Designer, Developer, and Coach
Shideh Bartar
Toronto World Leadership Forum Representative in Brazil
Sympsohn Bakayrri-Abou Yajoh
CEO & Principal at Graduate College of Aviation
Pat Meyer
Toronto World Leadership Forum Representative in Brazil
Oksana Tsibka
Co-Founder of Soul of Ukraine
Istar Ahmed
Policies and Programs Specialist Centre for Peace Dialogue & Advocacy Nairobi, Kenya
Quraish Jumba
Councillor L.C.V Masaka District Local Government (Uganda)
Arati Khadka
Arati Khadka
Nurse and Social Activist
Steffan Surdek
Founder and Consulting Principal at Pyxis Cultures
Narayan Basnet
Narayan Basnet
Entrepreneur & Businessperson
Division Director at Investors Group Financial Services Inc.
Syed Mohammed Tarique
Ocean Manager at Expeditors-DAC Branch, Expeditors International of Washington Inc.
Emna Miladi
Co-founder and External Relations Manager of the Tunisian International Leadership Academy
David Bubani
Belgo-luxembourgish Classical Singer and Musician
Marcelo Andriotti
Teacher and Artistic Director at Favela Mundo
Amandine Roche
Founder and Director of Inner Peace Corps
Mama Madany Samake eps Kouvahey
Connie Allsopp
Business & Educational Consultant
Jeremy DeMerchant
#1 Best-selling Author, International Speaker, and Founder of Permission to Sell Consulting Group
Wallace Santo

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