3 Ways To Become A Better Leader – by Shahram Ghanbari

Being a leader can be tough. It’s exhausting to balance all the different elements of your role. From management to scheduling and budgets to hiring processes, it can be a really big job. We all want to find ways to make things easier and to be more productive and effective as leaders. There are lots of options to try, but in this post, we’re outlining three of our favourites, to help you feel more in control and find success!


Create A Morning Routine

Morning is the most important time of day. It sets the pace and mood for the next 24 hours. One of the best ways to ensure that you’re entering the work day with a great attitude and a hunger to succeed is by designing a morning routine that promotes success. It’s easy to smack the snooze button and double up on coffee to get through the day, but that’s no way to achieve your goals. Start your morning routine right. Work hard to get up early. Give yourself enough time to accomplish the tasks you need to be done before you head to work. This might vary from one person to the next, but your morning could include items like cooking and eating breakfast, taking time to meditate, exercise or writing in a journal.

It doesn’t matter what your schedule says, as long as it makes you feel good and puts you in the right mindset to conquer the day. Nourish your brain, your body, and your mind, and you’ll undoubtedly arrive at work ready to seize the day!


Make Lists And Set Manageable Deadlines

One really important aspect of leadership is being able to stay organized and moving forward. It’s not hard to find yourself disorganized or missing deadlines if you don’t have a system, to keep yourself on track. Lists can often be a good solution to keep you focused on your goals. Acting as a reminder, a list is an important way to collect your tasks in a neat and clean way. Each morning when you arrive at work, check your list to see what is a priority for the day. Look at upcoming tasks, to make sure that you have enough to finish them to meet your deadlines.

Speaking of deadlines, make sure that when you set a deadline for yourself (and even your employees) that is manageable. Sometimes we can get a little too eager and set ourselves up to fail by trying to achieve more than is possible, in a short period of time. Although it can be great to feel super ambitious, if you miss deadlines too often, it can start to affect the work of those around you, and it can make you feel like a failure. When you give yourself the right amount of time to finish a task, you’re setting yourself up for success. In turn, you are helping your subordinates by exemplifying an effective work ethic.


Understand The Business

The best managers and leaders in the world are those who truly understand their businesses. They know the processes for each department and they can help to enrich employees with new strategies and appropriate training. But if you don’t know your business, then the work you do to help your employees grow doesn’t have a broad reach.

Just take the time to understand what all of your employees are doing each day. If you run a landscaping business, take the time to learn about your business. Learn how the equipment works, what processes each department has to follow, and how your employees work with the customers. It’ll help when an issue arises, that you need to solve. If you know how long it takes to do the job using the current equipment, then you’ll be able to make more educated choices when purchasing new tools. If you understand the billing process for your account department, then when a customer calls to complain about a problem with their payment, you can understand where your team might have gone wrong.

Knowing your business doesn’t just help you. It also helps your employees to see that you truly understand and value their work. In addition, it helps you to serve your customer base better and to meet their needs.

Sometimes improvements are just simple changes that can affect the big picture. Try out a few of these ideas. You might find that waking up fifteen minutes earlier, gives you more time. This way, you can do some yoga and prepare for the day. Maybe setting manageable goals helps you feel like you’re doing a better job of staying on top of your tasks. Perhaps understanding your business allows you to find new hires, that truly fit the roles decreasing employee turn over rates. Whatever the change is, if there’s a positive outcome, then it’s worth giving it a try!


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