4 Bad Habits You Need To Break To Be A Great Leader: Part 2 – by Shahram Ghanbari

To be a great leader, you always need to improve yourself and to break bad habits. Sometimes to be able to improve isn’t always about learning or adventuring in something new. Sometimes improvement is based on looking inward and finding the faults that we need to change. This way we can be a better version of ourselves. A lot of the time, these faults are simply bad habits, that just takes time and practice to turn into positive attributes that help us to be strong and powerful leaders in our industries.

Let’s jump in and look at four of the little habits you need to change to give your employees, even more, confidence in your leadership.

Ignoring Problems

Thinking that a problem is just going to go away is rarely a good idea. Every once in a while, a small problem can resolve itself, but often, there is a need for mediation. This way you know that you can solve it in a positive manner. Pretending that a problem doesn’t exist is just going to make it snowball into a bigger and more troublesome issue. And is going to take twice the time and effort to fix.

How to break this habit: Sweeping it under the rug is pretty tempting but instead, sit everyone down, get all the different perspectives, and then find a compromise. You’ll all feel better in the end when the solution is one that makes everyone’s life easier and more productive.

Not Doing Performance Reviews

How is anyone supposed to know just how they’re performing in their positions if no one takes the time to tell them!? Without performance reviews, your employees don’t have the information they need to work more effectively. You’ll start to think that the employees are the problem when things aren’t being accomplished fast enough or to the prop.

How to break this habit: Loosen the reins a bit. You don’t have to let go completely but give your employees a bit more freedom to be able to be creative. It might feel uncomfortable at first but the more you do this, the more you’ll see results. It’ll be worth it in the long run!

Forgetting To Reward Great Work

Many people desire to be acknowledged for their good work. Things can easily become a routine if you don’t see others noticing how hard you work to do your job. That’s what it’s always important for a leader to take time to reward individuals for their successes. Whether that’s a long period of loyalty with a company or closing a small deal with a client, rewards allow your employees to see that you don’t just tell them what to do, you show them how much you appreciate their work.

How to break this habit: Keep notes when you hear great news about an employee or subordinate. When an appropriate moment arrives, you can give these people the recognition they deserve. It’s as simple as keeping blank note cards in your desk, that you can write a quick thank you on. Simple and caring gestures, like these, will help your employees feel like you truly value them.

Not Being A Champion for Change

It’s easy to expect others to make changes and forget to make them yourself. Whether it’s a new software or protocol within your business, no one is going to be eager to accept the change if you don’t show the example of a champion. The transition is hard for everyone unless you’re willing to weather the storm together to make the best out of the situation.

How to break this habit: Only put forward changes that you truly believe in. There’s no 50% when it comes to changes – cheer people on for implementing new processes, reward people for doing a great job. Moreover, find new ways that’ll show everyone just how much you believe these changes will make their lives/ jobs better!

Feeling a bit more confident about breaking bad habits? We’ll have our last part of this series for you next time when we look at four final bad habits. With a change, they can make the entire dynamic of your leadership soar to new levels.


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