About the unique concept of the Toronto World Leadership Forum

Update October 09th, 2017: Please note that the date of Toronto World Leadership Forum has changed to 20-21 April 2018.

Our team came up with an original concept in order to revive your enthusiasm and broaden your vision by blurring away the invisible barriers among participants. Read this article and find out more about the new concept of Leadership Ambassador.

Leadership Ambassadors are meant to promote a close cooperation and interaction among participants in an environment freed by gender intolerance, where information sharing and empowerment conversations are fostered. They are the embodiment of the values of the communities they represent, inspiring and encouraging others to develop and maximize their efforts geared towards meeting their personal or professional goals.

Experienced professionals in their field will have the chance to network, exchange opinions or even find actionable solutions.

Ambassadors from various industries, fields and disciplines will lead their team to The Toronto World Leadership Forum. Thus, a framework will be created for an empowering experience that can be mobilizing, inspiring to follow and most of all intrinsically motivating, giving participants a sense of purpose.

Open communication, new ideas, different perspectives and expression of thoughts will be the tools for engaging effectively in meaningful and productive debates, discovering innate powers that help you dealing with challenges.

All in all, this new concept melts the boundaries among participants, favoring interactive and authentic partnerships instead of a mere business card exchange.

Toronto World Leadership Forum – SAVE THE DATE 17-18 NOVEMBER 2017

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