Adrian Dan Pop, a leadership ambassador that turns his beliefs into action!

Adrian Dan Pop is our Leadership Ambassador from Romania, at Toronto World Leadership Forum.

He is known as Rotary Programme Coordinator at Rotaract Global Model United Nations, Rotaract Chair Rotary D2241 and Secretary General at World Peace Forum. Also, Adrian is a powerful and tenacious spirit.

He is an experienced logistics event organizer, with a demonstrated history of international level conferences and local social projects. His commitment and desire of promoting the peace initiatives are best described by his actions.

Over time, Adrian developed various skills in negotiation, business planning, web design, English and market research.

First of all, Adrian is a peace activist. He is currently part of numerous projects and international forums, that debate the most crucial subjects nowadays. Among them, we mention nuclear-free world; advancing education, science, and culture.

Adrian has some mottos that describe perfectly his way of action and his strong beliefs:

“Move the rock!”, “There are only two ways of life: to rot or to burn!”, “The motivation is based on values, not on money!”.

The first step in making a better world is getting to know and work with other people. They share the same ideas and values: freedom, peace, equal rights, human dignity and social progress. Because all these values are very important, they will be debated at the Toronto World Leadership Forum.

Adrian, as a leadership ambassador, strongly believes in equal rights and gender equality. He also thinks that these two contribute to a healthy society. Adrian considers that the main subject of the Forum, Women – Empowerment – Peace, is an excellent current topic. It also contributes to the fulfillment of the socio-economic factors and political rights set out in the United Nations Agenda.

The world needs positive, compassionate and committed people. Through them, we will accomplish the goal of making a better world.

Adrian calls out all the people around the world, to reflect, learn and act. All these, for a relevant change in the areas of leadership and peace.


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