I Will Always Have the Passion For Changing People’s Lives

Sympsohn Bakayrri-Abou Yajoh is our Leadership Ambassador from Sierra Leone. Below you can read a part of the story of his life.

I was the seventh children of a family with twenty-three children which lived in a three bedroom apartment, a store, and a room at the veranda that my father used as a dispensary in the village of Baama.

My mother and my stepmother have assisted our father as midwives in the dispensary to treat patients. Meanwhile, with only 10 cents in my pockets for the lunch, I had to go 3 kilometers up to school every day. However, I passed the exams for the secondary school.

When I was in secondary school at the boarding home, I survived thanks to my friends because I used to help them to understand what we learned every day in the class. For that, they gave me provisions such as milk, sugar and even soap.

During the worst brutal rebel incursion in our country, Sierra Leone, my elder brother was killed and two others brothers were captured by the rebels. My mother was trapped in a mud swamp when they attacked a city called Masingbe. She was almost drowning but was saved by an unknown man.

At this particular moment, I’ve decided to travel to the capital Freetown in search of a better life. But the life there became very miserable for me. I did not have anything to eat. My lucky days started when Mr. Sheku Dembereth, head of the Sierra Leone Labour Congress, who helped me to accommodate. He was very nice to me.

After the death of Mr. Dembereth, I chose Kono town, where I worked at a mining site. Here, I had to fight with other workers to take one or two hands full of rice in the tray. That’s how I managed to raise money to go to university. 

If I didn’t respect my families’ set of values and morals, I would not be where I am today. Although we were poor, my mother always advised me to pursue my education.

My uncle has paid for the aviation college. When I finished, he asked me If I would like to work at the fire service. I said yes, of course. Now I’m certified as a fire officer.

During my service at the national fire force, I had an accident. Without any treatment from the fire department, I had to stay home for three months and take care of my illness on my own. When I returned to work, the finance department refused to pay the overdue salaries. Disappointed, I wrote a resignation letter.

I was unemployed. Again. In one night, I woke up with the vision of founding the Graduate College of Aviation. One of my friends has helped me with some money so I went ahead. My business – “the GRADUATE COLLEGE OF AVIATION” – has started with ten students among whom I graduated with at Air Transport management in 2005.

I had made much impact in the life of many people from Sierra Leone and I got a lot of achievements such as:

The CEO & Principal – Graduate College of Aviation – Sierra Leone
The Proprietor & Executive Director – Coherence hospital – Sierra Leone
The Director of Content of Tavia Network – USA
The CEO – McSympsohn Group & Services International
Best Aviation Officer in 2016

Therefore, I would like to thank God and every person who had to make any viable contribution into my life. My successes are based on perseverance, time, honesty, everyday work and thinking positive for everyone around me and the world.

I will always have the passion for changing people’s lives. All I ask from them is honesty because it is the best policy that I know and have been using it to date.


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