Leadership Ambassarod

Natalia Gul Jilani, an Ambassador for Women that Succeed Despite their Social Condition

Syeda Natalia Gul Jilani, is our Leadership Ambassador from Pakistan, at Toronto World Leadership Forum

Natalia is a strong woman that cherishes and respects human values and fights for a better, and peaceful world. She is a dentist by profession and an actress/comedian by passion. In both ways, she gives people a reason to smile. Professionally, Natalia has been a practicing dentist since 2014 at a private practice, after graduating from Altamash Institute of Dental Medicine. She has even cleared National Board of Dental Examination USA.

In her personal life, she is an improvisational comedian, doing commercial theatre plays since 2010. Being part of a successful all-girls comedy troupe called The Khawatoons, she wishes to empower women of Pakistan through comedy.

Natalia and her troupe incorporate social issues in their scenes with a whole lot of humor, to captivate their audience. She thinks life is too short to be stuck with one boring job. That’s why she has explored various avenues and knows how to juggle her profession and passion.

She is actively part of Rotary International since 2011 and has taken up challenges like eradicating polio and increasing the literacy rate in Pakistan. She is committed and has a strong opinion and vision of a better life for women all over the world.

Because of her qualities, inspirational life and being an active player in society, she has been appointed to the leadership positions in Rotaract. Therefore, being the District Rotaract Representative, she has proudly represented Pakistan at international Rotaract forums. She has been a keynote speaker at different seminars related to professional development, health, and medicine. All of these make her a true Leadership Ambassador.

Natalia is indeed a role model. Through her example, women empowerment is no longer a vision but can be a remarkable success.


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