Anis Saada, an ambassador of change and a fighter for women empowerment!

Anis Saada is our leadership ambassador from Tunisia, at the Toronto World Leadership Forum. He is a civil society activist, a strong promoter of women empowerment and coordinator of World Human Rights Forum in Tunisia.

Anis is a fighter for women empowerment in the world. He started this mission as the president-founder of the Association “La Voix de l’Enfant Rural- AVER” in Tunisia. And since 2015, together with his association, he has been creating women’s cooperatives to promote the local economy and women empowerment.

Anis’s efforts are appreciated, that’s why, in 2016, his organization won an award for the best organization of volunteering.

Among others, Anis has experience in business development and social entrepreneurship. Also, he is passionate about interfaith dialogue, politics and arts.

He is a committed human rights activist. That is why, in 2014, he was nominated as a Tunisian youth ambassador from the Arab Council for Youth. Moreover, he is currently a coordinator of World Human Rights Forum in Tunisia (2014-2017).

In addition, Anis proudly represented Tunisia in several international meetings. Therefore, he has experience in dialogue with various organizations, with people involved in volunteering and contributing to a real change in the society in which we live.

He enjoys knowing other people from different cultures and societies. And more importantly, he loves helping people. Everyone can see his altruism through his actions, that have a tangible result.

Due to its active involvement and activity, Anis Saada is one of the change-makers in Tunisia, after the Tunisian revolution.

The Toronto World Leadership Forum offers Anis and other people like him, with a strong vision, commitment and desire to act for the collective welfare, a great opportunity to make the next step towards peace, tolerance and women empowerment.

For more information about Anis Saada and other people like him, please visit www.torontoworldleadershipforum.org.

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