Auma Obama’s Work


Auma Obama’s Work

Auma Obama is an active humanitarian whose work is focused on the socially disadvantaged children living in slums. She strongly believes that poverty, as one of the main global issues of the 21st century, cannot be eradicated by philanthropy. Philanthropy is a momentary aid which only strengthens this state by indirect encouragement. Thus, most of these young people will develop passive acceptance of their faith, without being aware that poverty is an obstacle which can be surpassed.

Auma Obama gives them a solution for a better future: self-empowerment. It is one of the most difficult jobs but at the same time the most rewarding, to make disadvantaged children realize that each of them is valuable and gifted with qualities that empower them to bring positive changes in their own lives. Through education they are given the power to shape their future and get beyond their condition. She also helps them see the opportunities and create a better living environment by raising their living standards.

In other words self-empowerment is the key to economic and social growth. Even though it cannot completely eradicate it, it can reduce it. Raising awareness of the opportunities that socially disadvantaged children have is often the only asset to improve their well-being.

 “Poverty is not an excuse for failure. Everyone can succeed. Do something!” Auma Obama

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