Believe, Create and Grow. A Path Towards Self-Realization and Success!

The Toronto World Leadership Forum, invites the general public to enjoy the philosophy of life that the distinguished writer, presenter, radio and television producer and motivational speaker Ismael Cala applies in his daily life.

Come and discover how to dream big and achieve your dreams with this distinguished lecturer considered to be one of the most important communicators of the continent and commonly referred as the Larry King of the Americas. His message, presented in his books, seminars, workshops and interactive conferences, has impacted millions of people in more than 25 countries.

In his next participation at The Toronto World Leadership Forum with the theme “Creer, Crear y Crecer” (Believe, Create, and Grow), Ismael Cala will talk about the different steps to follow so that our leaders are able to learn how to connect with their beliefs, be more creative and gradually develop their personal growth. Such dynamic will include different surprises for the audience.

These magic words “Creer, Crear y Crecer” (Believe, Create, and Growth) are synonymous of well-being, success, destiny and the awakening of our own consciousness, aspects that help us achieve a better quality of life. Cala will offer the key so that each person can assess their beliefs and at the same time influence them with their creativity. However, if those beliefs are limiting your capacity to dream, Cala recommends that you should identify them, confront them and turn them into a simple opinion so that you can be set free. “Human beings are born to be creative, to explore everything around us with unlimited creativity,” he says. Therefore, it is important to wonder where our beliefs come from because according to his judgement, what really foster our creativity is to question what we observe.

To exercise the muscle of our creativity is necessary to use visualization, a powerful tool that projects a reality that then becomes truth. A vision as Jules Verne said “if you can imagine it can be done”.For Ismael Cala, the essential purpose of growing is to allow it to serve as an awakening of our own consciousness. As such, it will evolve from a selfish physical consciousness, used to seeing the world in a material and labeled way, into a much more holistic approach. “The true growth comes when you explore what truly exists beyond the experience that we are currently living today.” Ismael urges his followers to seek personal growth in development spaces. “Personal growth, progress, and contributing to the world, are the highest needs of the human being, and are part of something greater that empowers us and limit us to where we want to grow”.

Ismael Cala was born in Santiago de Cuba on September 8th in 1969, he is also a Canadian citizen currently living in the United States. He is an inspirational author, lecturer and columnist. He has more than 25 years of experience working in the media, including his participation in multiple countries such as Cuba, Canada, the United States of America and Mexico.

After his tour throughout different countries in Latin America, he launched several books related to personal growth and leadership. “ El Poder de Escuchar (The Power of Listening)” (2013), which has as a subtitle “La Guía esencial en tu camino al Éxito (The Essential Guide on your Way to Success)”. In 2014 he released “ El Buen Hijo de P… (A Good Son of a B…)”, in 2015 he published “El Secreto del Bambú (The Bamboo’s Secret)” and his most recent publication was “ El Analfalbeto Emocional (The Emotional Illiterate)”, released in 2016.  Among the numerous honors received by his work are the Canadian New Pioneers Award, Somos – the best communicator of the year in Toronto – and the New York Artists’ Association of Performers.

We reiterate our invitation to participate in the Toronto World Leadership Forum.

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