Toronto World Leadership Forum

Brian Tracy: A Legend

“Achieve all of your goals faster than you ever thought possible” is Brian Tracy’s memorable phrase that characterizes his work as a trainer, motivational speaker and author. About 30 years ago, he has begun a lifelong search for the answer to the...
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Auma Obama’s Work

Auma Obama is an active humanitarian whose work is focused on the socially disadvantaged children living in slums. She strongly believes that poverty, as one of the main global issues of the 21st century, cannot be eradicated by philanthropy. Philanthropy is a...
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Meet Our Speakers

Update October 09th, 2017: Please note that the date of Toronto World Leadership Forum has changed to 20-21 April 2018. We are aware of the importance of continuous development of professionals from various backgrounds. Thus, we are trying to open new perspectives...
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