Brian Tracy: A Legend

Achieve all of your goals faster than you ever thought possible” is Brian Tracy’s memorable phrase that characterizes his work as a trainer, motivational speaker and author. About 30 years ago, he has begun a lifelong search for the answer to the question: “Why is it that some people are more successful than the others?’’ Since then, he has been coaching millions of people, helping them to change their approach to their personal and professional life, to expand and develop  their abilities, crossing all the obstacles on the their path.

His seminars hold the audience’s interest, inspire and provide practical techniques that can be implemented as soon as you return to your office, becoming more productive and efficient. His powerful principles with their effective simplicity and wisdom have transformed the lives of millions of people, giving them a direction, a purpose. The testimonials as well as the global success of his numerous books, some of them even translated into dozens of languages, qualified him as the winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Academy of Best-Selling Authors in 2011.

Finally, his own life is a testimony of his principles: he grew up in straitened circumstances, dropping out of high school and struggling as a laborer, experiencing failure and rejection. What propelled him to rise was a shift in his beliefs, laying himself a proper foundation in success literature and working his way up to the top, becoming one of most internationally famous motivational speakers and authors.

At Toronto World Leadership Forum he will speak about “How to Be a Confident Leader in Uncertain Situations” in a knowledge-based society, where information and knowledge are the survival kit for the changing economic and political dynamics of the modern world.

Keep moving forward and come to see Brian Tracy at Toronto World Leadership Forum!

Here you can find more biographical information about Brian Tracy.


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