Carlos Palma

Carlos Palma, an ambassador of world unity and brotherhood!

Carlos Palma is our Leadership Ambassador from Uruguay. He is a dedicated man, who spent his life towards educating children and youth.

He is currently the General Coordinator of the “Living Peace International”, an educational project for peace. This project is now present in over 1.000 schools, associations and groups in 120 countries, involving more than 250.000 children, teens, and youth.

He started this project on peace education in Egypt, in 2011. He wanted to give a concrete response to the need for peace. Moreover, he believes in the need for a pedagogy of peace, based on the consistency between values and experiences and principles and actions.

He has studied Philosophy (Uruguay), Theology (Jerusalem), Sociology (Italy) and Biblical Archaeology (Jerusalem).

Since 1977, Carlos Palma is an active member of the “Focolare Movement”, where he promotes and spreads the “charisma of unity and spirituality of communion”, disclosed in the Middle East (Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey, and Egypt).

For more than 30 years, he dedicated himself to the formation of children and youth to a new culture of brotherhood and unity. In this regard, he organizes and participates in numerous conferences and festivals nationally and internationally.

In 2015, Carlos Palma organized the first World Youth Forum for Peace in Cairo, a great success. On this event, participated over 1.300 students from 28 countries. For his efforts to create a culture of peace, he received the “Angel of culture” in Germany.

For all his work and activity in favor of a culture of peace in the youth’s world, he received numerous awards. In 2012 he received the Peace Prize of Luxembourg by hands of Mr. Dominicus Rohde, President of the Schengen Peace Foundation. The same year, he received a Honorificacion by the Universal Circle of Peace Ambassadors. In 2016 he was awarded the “Harmony among Peoples” Prize by the Municipality of Montecatini (Florence-Italy). Moreover, was nominated President of the Youth World Peace Forum.

Carlos Palma is indeed an active world peacemaker. He dedicated his activity towards a culture of peace and education of the young, to create a culture of brotherhood.

The Toronto World Leadership Forum invites leaders and peacemakers around the world to join Carlos Palma. Be part of a new generation of peacemakers and leaders, who will stand out for what they believe and contribute to creating a more peaceful and prosperous future.

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