David Bubani

David Bubani, the artist who unites people through music

David Bubani is our Leadership Ambassador from Luxembourg. He is a passionate artist, who through music shares his love for life and art, and moreover, unites people through his work.

David Bubani is a Belgo-Luxembourgish classical singer and a musician of Yugoslav origin. He has an incredible career and he became one of the best by learning from the best.

His professional training started at the age of 8 when he joined the Academy of Music for Children “Pristina”. At 14 years old, he was admitted to the High School of Music “Stevan St. Mokranjac”, in Pristina, where he studied violin and graduated with Great Distinction.

He followed his musical training at the Conservatory of Music of the City of Luxembourg (graduated in 2005), Royal Conservatory of Music in Liège and Royal Conservatory in Brussels (graduated in 2011).  Also, over the years he was a student at different music schools and learned from legendary personalities like Philippe Koch, a descendant of the Franco-Belgian violin school Eugene Ysaye, Dina Grossberger, Nadine Denize, Jean-Philippe Courtis, and other great world-class musicians.

David Bubani is very appreciated in his domain, and he performed as a soloist in symphony and philharmonic orchestras in France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, UK, and Luxembourg. Also, he shares his passion and talent, giving numerous Master Classes in singing and violin in the United States, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, UK, and Italy.

Besides his successful career as a singer and violinist, he has various professional experiences in the field of communication. He was a Legal assistant and translation, and a French-Serbo-Croatian translator for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Luxembourg.

David completed courses like “Business Communication” and “Selling Techniques”. Moreover, he was a Legal assistant and translation, and also a French-Serbo-Croatian translator.

David Bubani worked very hard, and with talent, passion, practice, and commitment he consolidated a successful career.

As a Leadership Ambassador, David Bubani gives a message of peace and tolerance to everyone through music.

The Toronto World Leadership Forum represents a great opportunity to network with different leaders and peacemakers around the world. Also, this unique platform will put the basis for redefining leadership through peace. Join David Bubani and share your personal and professional experiences towards creating a more prosperous and peaceful future for humanity.

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