Dominicus H. Rohde, outstanding peacemaker and President of Schengen Peace Foundation

Dominicus H. Rohde is our Leadership Ambassador from Germany. He is the President of World Peace Forum and Schengen Peace Foundation and a successful entrepreneur.

Firstly, we should mention that Toronto World Leadership Forum is a project of the Schengen Peace Foundation. So, Dominicus Rohde, also Vice President of Toronto World Leadership Forum, adds a great contribution to the success of this Global Leading Platform.

Dominicus has a wide experience in entrepreneurship, lecturing and public speaking, marketing and PR, institutional relations, management of not-for-profit organizations, management of educational institutions, NGO Management fundraising and others.

Also, as a consultant of the International Trademark Association (INTA) and Federal Governments of Argentina and Uruguay, he has assisted hundreds of food manufacturers and producers in selling their goods to Europe, North America, and Asia. From 2003, he is the CEO of Pecán Argentina, a family agricultural business, which involves the production and worldwide distribution of high-quality food products from Argentina.

As an outstanding peacemaker and president of a global platform, his actions describe best his way of thinking. Moreover, we see his commitment through the humanitarian campaigns he and the Schengen Peace Foundation undertake.

We believe that peace is a “commodity” to which each human being on earth is fully entitled.

In addition, the Toronto World Leadership Forum promotes the same ideas and with the help of the Leadership Ambassadors around the world, offers the chance to develop these ideas, into finding concrete solutions towards a better future.

Dominicus promotes world peace by connecting peacekeepers and running educational events, workshops and forums. These events have an important mission: to provide a platform for free interaction and discussion on peace issues. Also, one of the most important goals is to institutionalize peace by putting peace onto the agendas of organizations.

Dominicus Rohde invites all the people of good will to join the Toronto World Leadership Forum.  Everyone supports these efforts by finding the best solutions, which will make a better change for the future generations.

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