European Scientific Institute

The European Scientific Institute, our partner for academic exploration

We are delighted to announce our new partner, The European Scientific Institute (ESI).

The European Scientific Institute (ESI) is a global academic platform, which cooperates with Universities and academic centers on 5 continents. ESI organizes scientific conferences, forums, workshops and joint projects and it represents a bridge for exploration from all over the world.

Motto: “Science does not know borders.”

Our partner contributes to the promotion of the modern scientific accomplishments. In this regard, The European Scientific Institute has the largest interdisciplinary journal in Europe. This monthly publication, the European Scientific Journal (ESJ), promotes open access to scientific research, an important aspect of the development of the global society.

In addition, the European Scientific Journal represents a relevant and important reference in the academic field. Especially relevant is that over 12.000 researchers have published their papers in this journal. Moreover, the editorial team consists of eminent academics and scientists from more than 300 Universities all around the world.

Furthermore, the European Scientific Institute facilitates collaboration and networking between academics worldwide, gathered at its scientific projects and events.

The Toronto World Leadership Forum supports The European Scientific Institute platform. Along with our partner, we have the opportunity to promote the scientific accomplishments and development. Also, we can share best practices and innovative assertive decisions towards a more prosperous and more peaceful world. Together we can contribute to a meaningful change in our global community, and with their scientific perspective, we can find relevant solutions to the emergent problems of the world.

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