Jack Canfield and Shahram Ghanbari Have a Gift for You

Update October 09th, 2017: Please note that the date of Toronto World Leadership Forum has changed to 20-21 April 2018.

Before you plan to go on the road to success and achieve your goals, you need to precisely know what your final destination is going to be.

We know you would like to get some instructions, some pieces of advice or some so-called life lessons to help you find your way to your objective. Therefore we come to aid with ”The Road to Success Volume 2”, written by Jack Canfield and Shahram Ghanbari. In ”The Road to Success Volume 2” you can find many entrepreneurs and professionals from all over the world who have been through this journey. They will show you which are the challenges you will have to deal with and how you can overcome them with creativity and perseverance.

About Shahram Ghanbari

Shahram Ghanbari is the President of Toronto World Leadership Forum. He has got his Bachelor degree in Physics and holds a Master of Business Administration, MBA. He has also been the principal of three language schools. After you read this ebook, Shahram will be happy to see you at the end of your journey to success and maybe in Toronto on 17-18 November.


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