Jonathan Munn, the official host of the Toronto World Leadership Forum

Jonathan Munn is the official host of the Toronto World Leadership Forum. A well-known personality in the field of public relations as well as an experienced marketer, he will be presiding over the event, engaging and entertaining the audience with his charisma and presentation skills.

As a former Eastern Canadian radio news anchor and broadcaster turned marketer and strategic communicator, Jon has been at the forefront of the communications and marketing evolution, working in higher education, journalism, broadcast and working in provincial and federal politics in numerous advisory roles, most recently serving as a Senior Specialist under Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

An accomplished freelance photographer, Jon founded Jon Munn Photography in 2011, a lifestyle and portrait service consultancy agency and has worked with brands all over the world, most recently with WestJet airlines. Jon obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree from St. Thomas University in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, and recently finished a Masters of Media in Journalism and Communication at Western University in London, Ontario, Canada.

He continually seeks to amplify the organizations and agencies he works for by exercising practical on-the-ground communication and marketing skills to effectively and continually drive innovation and success. Jon now serves as the Director of Marketing and Communications at Huron University College: Canada’s only university providing elite, yet accessible educations while seeking to mold Leaders with Heart.


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