Istar Ahmed, a leadership ambassador who brings people together!

Istar Ahmed is our leadership ambassador from Somalia, at the Toronto World Leadership Forum. She is a woman with strong beliefs and strong professional background.

Her experience entitles her to share the most pertinent ideas, visions about women empowerment and peace. She is a known Policy Analyst, Gender Expert and Youth Development Specialist.

She holds a master’s degree in international relations with a specific focus on peace and conflict. These are successfully put into practice in her work.

Firstly, she is a known Policy Analyst, Gender Expert, and Youth Development Specialist. Also, she provided voluntary Advisory services to the government of Somalia as the National Youth Policy Advisor.

In addition, she was able to establish a good collaboration and communication, at all levels of the government, between government institutions, international development partners, donors, civil societies and youth networks.

Furthermore, she had a very important role in developing gender policies and regulations. Also, more important, she was able to connect with elders and conservatory communities, making them accept and embrace the change. This way, she helps shift society into a new way of treating women with respect, compassion and empathy.

Currently, Istar is providing technical advisory services to different institutions. Among them, UNESCO Regional Office for Eastern Africa, International non-governmental agencies and government institutions in Kenya and Somalia.

In conclusion, all her efforts and actions have a very precise goal: collaboration on all levels of society in finding sustainable and tangible solutions for children, youth and women living in Somalia and all over the world.

The Toronto World Leadership Forum supports these big visions, ones that have the power to change societies and mentalities. A whole new world, where every human being treats everyone else with respect and has the opportunity to grow and live with dignity.

For more information about Istar Ahmed and other people like her, please visit www.torontoworldleadershipforum.org.

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