Lisa Longball’s Journey – From a Recreational Golfer to the World’s Podium

Update October 09th, 2017: Please note that the date of Toronto World Leadership Forum has changed to 20-21 April 2018.

Lisa is an extraordinary woman who has transformed her entire existence, becoming from a recreational golfer to being ranked second in the World and one of the longest hitters on the planet.

As a keynote speaker she shares her tips and insights about discovering your intrinsic motivation and the importance of being committed to your purpose, these being the main factors that determine how far you will go and your personal and professional success. Her uplifting presentations are not only entertaining but also empowering, sending out a message for each person from her audience. Her actionable advice, based on her own experience, will help you stay close to your goal.

She has learned through her own goals in golf that if she plans things out and does what is necessary, taking things one step at a time, she will achieve her dreams. Thus, she has proved the world the efficiency of her method!

All the lessons taken from sports can be applied to career and personal life:

First of all, believe in yourself because the only person who can pull you down is yourself. You are capable of more than you imagine. Setbacks are not failures, they are meant to help you grow and they are a normal part of the path to success.

Lisa in her speech at Toronto World Leadership Forum will prove that anyone can become powerful enough to realize his or her dreams, the only cornerstone being your own frame of mind.


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