Marcelo Andriotti Has Brought the Art into the Poor Communities

Marcelo Andriotti, 40 years old. Born in Porto Alegre, he has moved far away from home to be formed as a trained actor and director in Rio de Janeiro. After many years spent in the theatre business, Marcelo has decided to take his art beyond the doors of the theatres and put efforts into the poor favelas around the city of Rio de Janeiro when he founded his NGO, Favela Mundo in 2010.

All these years, Favela Mundo has developed cultural activities for poor children and young people in Rio de Janeiro. The organization has helped more than 4.100 children and young adults from 125 neighbourhoods in the city. The goal of Marcelo’s NGO aims to bring youth from all kinds of backgrounds together and show them that friendships cross borders, religious divides, social divisions, and that opportunities are everywhere.

In these 7 years, he has taught poor children the importance of art in the formation of a responsible citizen. Based on his wonderful social activity and his implication, Marcelo Andriotti has represented Brasil as a guest in pedagogical and cultural events in the United States, Mexico, Cuba, and Morrocco.

As a teacher and Favela Mundo´s NGO Artistic Director, Marcelo Andriotti is currently developing professional training projects aimed at income generation for youth and adults in areas of social vulnerability and theater, music and dance workshops for poor children in 4 favelas in Rio de Janeiro, with a total of 1,200 students.

Marcelo Andriotti is Leadership Ambassador at Toronto World Leadership Forum. 


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