Maxton R. Scotland, a Champion of the Empowerment of Young People

Maxton R. Scotland comes from a cosmopolitan West Indian and British background. He spent his adolescence on the Island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Currently, Maxton holds a Master of Science in Security, from the London Metropolitan University.

Maxton enrolled in the UK Armed Forces where he performed a plethora of roles, most notably, a linguist for 6 years. Through this medium, he harnessed the requisite training and skill(s) needed to understand global youths, across cultural and language barriers.

In addition to the challenges presented by promoting a culture of peace and mutual understanding, that such experience has instilled within me a greater appreciation of both differences and commonalities of global youths.

With a passion for youth development, Maxton has enthusiastically supported the youths which take the rightful places at the decision-making table. Because every young person needs its champion, he is actively involved in the social development of young people the world over.

Maxton is no stranger to the international stage. He’s renowned for his belief in the empowerment of young people through intergenerational interaction, at the leadership level.

In recognition of its global leadership efforts, Maxton was nominated for the position of United Nations Secretary General’s Envoy on Youth.

What Maxton does today

Currently, Maxton serves as:

  • the Youth Co-Chair of the United Nations Department of Public Information and Non-Governmental Organisation,
  • Secretary-General of Rotaract Global Model United Nations,
  • Executive Chairman of Rotaract MUN International Youth Decision–Making Body,

Maxton R. Scotland is a Leadership Ambassador for Toronto World Leadership Forum. You can debate with him in Toronto about the empowerment of young people on 20-21 April 2018.


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