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Update October 09th, 2017: Please note that the date of Toronto World Leadership Forum has changed to 20-21 April 2018.

We are aware of the importance of continuous development of professionals from various backgrounds. Thus, we are trying to open new perspectives for our participants by inviting top-notch leadership speakers from different backgrounds in order to increase satisfaction and motivation at work. “Women-Empowerment-Peace” is the revolving topic, turning the spotlight on the need of empowering women in decision-making positions for professional and personal benefits, in terms of peace as well as economic and cultural growth.

Solely experience and knowledge do not constitute the key elements for a successful leader. Leadership can give you the power to take charge of your career, to enhance your position but only women’s empowerment will truly help you to create a peaceful, at the same time productive working environment.

We have chosen a great diversity of speakers with interesting experiences, who will share their ideas through effective and inspiring speeches, helping you to become influential in your field of activity. Our guests are all leading figures, sending out an authentic message in which they strongly believe, helping people to grow into real Mentor Leaders who can lift performance to a higher level both in their business and community.

Here is our network of selected speakers:

  • Auma Obama, Founder and Director of the Sauti Kuu Foundation (Strong Voices),
  • Brian Tracy, Speaker – Trainer – Bestselling Author,
  • Lisa Longball, Motivational Speaker & Golf Entertainer,
  • Ismael Cala, Author, Lecturer and Communicator,
  • Joseph Sherren, Professional Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Executive Coach and Business Transformation Specialist,
  • Kristin J. Arnold, High Stakes Meeting Facilitator, Mainstage Conversationalist and Panel Moderator,
  • Jack Canfield, America’s Leading Authority on Creating Success and Personal Fulfillment,
  • Tina Varughese, Cross-Cultural Communication Expert, Work-Life Balance Advocate.

Follow us and find out more about them in the upcoming articles.

Toronto World Leadership Forum – SAVE THE DATE: 17-18 NOVEMBER 2017


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2017 Toronto World leadership Forum
It’s time for you to grow! Our leaders from different fields can help you develop both personally and professionally. Learn from Brian Tracy, Auma Obama, Jack Canfield, Kirstin Arnold, Ismael Cala, Joseph Sherren, Lisa Longball and Tina Varughese. https://torontoworldleadershipforum.org
Toronto, ON, Canada

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