Pat Meyer

Pat Meyer, a strong woman who finds happiness by helping others!

Pat Meyer is our Leadership Ambassador from Brazil.

She is an entrepreneur, speaker and personal and business Coach at “Pat Meyer Coaching & Palestras” and Keynote Speaker at “Pat Meyer Coaching & Palestras”.

Pat is a peacemaker and an active community member. Also, she is a Member of World Peace Senate of the Schengen Peace Foundation and Program Director at World Peace Forum.

She is a great example of a strong woman with a clear vision of life and she acts accordingly. A strong spirit always brings together other people and unites people. And this is what she does!

Pat Meyer is an open-minded person with a firm mission in life. Moreover, she’s a life coach, and she helps people by organizing their time and finances. Also, she teaches them how to be proactive, receptive and positive in their lives.

Pat Meyer provides important tools for people to become pioneers in their own development. Therefore, she helps them to have motivations, life goals, action plans and more successful accomplishments.

Being a personal and business coach, she realizes her true vocation and happiness: to help every person by organizing their time, setting goals and reach their goals! This way, people can improve and raise self-knowledge, self-realization, self-esteem, and quality of life!

People like her have the opportunity to make a statement and to start building a more peaceful and prosperous world.

The Toronto World Leadership Forum will unite powerful international speakers from multiple sectors, in a unique event. It is meant to empower the participants for further professional and personal development in a globalized economy in order to provide economic and social growth.


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