Ralph E. Winnie, a strong promoter of world economic cooperation

Ralph E. Winnie is our Leadership Ambassador from the USA. He is an international Legal and Business Strategist.

Ralph Winnie is a member of the District of Columbia and New York Bars. He studied international law at Oxford University (Magdalen College) and Moscow State University in Moscow.

He has a vast experience in international affairs, international business development and trade, and domestic and international tax policies. In his career, he is particularly experienced in Asia and Eastern Europe affairs.

Furthermore, Ralph Winnie has extensive experience and expertise dealing with members of Congress, U.S. agencies, and foreign governments. We can mention the developing relationships with members of Congress in an effort to locate medical equipment for an Army Hospital.

Ralph Winnie is a true leader and a successful speaker, speaking at prestigious institutes such as The World Bank, The Woodrow Wilson Center, and Columbia University. Also, he attended prestigious conferences like G8 conference in Deauville (France). In addition, he published numerous articles in publications like the Washington Post, the Diplomatic Courier, and Tax International.

Ralph Winnie is a partner of “Henson, Pang and Winnie”, a premier international law firm and consulting group. Also, he serves as a Director of the China Program for the Eurasia Center and its Eurasian Business Coalition. It promotes and preserves the ideas of affordable housing, economic cooperation, environmentally sustainable development and business development, tax and trade between the United States and Eurasia.

The Toronto World Leadership Forum unites powerful international speakers, leaders, and peacemakers all around the world. Moreover, it empowers the participants for further professional and personal development in a globalized economy in order to provide economic and social growth through leadership and peace.

Join Ralph Winnie in this great mission! Be part of a global movement for peace and make the first step towards a more prosperous and peaceful future.

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