Reach Your Full Leadership Potential with Joseph Sherren

Update October 09th, 2017: Please note that the date of Toronto World Leadership Forum has changed to 20-21 April 2018.

As a leadership expert and the author of the book “iLead: A Guide for Leaders to Build Sustainable Organizations”, Joseph Sherren has helped millions of people around the world to reach their full leadership potential. His comprehensive overview and sensible approach combined with actionable analysis are the basis for creating effective teams that can lead to successful outcomes.

One of the most influential factors of success, which is often overlooked by the management, is the working environment. This includes everything that forms part of the employees’ involvement with their work, such as the relationship with the management and co-workers and as well as the policy of the company. Positive reinforcement alongside with positive thinking create motivational and encouraging attitudes that sustain employees throughout their work.

According to Joe, all this depends on your abilities as a leader and how well you communicate with people, whether you are able to recognize and adapt to their communication styles. In one of his interviews, he says: “We are genetically predisposed to want to be communicated with, in a specific way. And great leaders actually understand that.” Everybody is born with a certain communication style they want to use. A leader has to possess the skills to modify his or her communication style for the individual.

At Toronto World Leadership Forum, Joseph Sherren will reveal the insides of “Meaningful work and collaborative culture: a Millenial Perspective” through a thought-provoking and interactive presentation.

You can find more details about Joseph Sherren here.


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