Reneta Johnson

Reneta Johnson, a True Professional, and an International Tech Advocate

Reneta Johnson is our Leadership Ambassador from Canada. Discover her amazing life and career.

Reneta Johnson is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and international trade tech advocate. She founded Inttradia Inc., a B2B trade technology company. She is a graduate of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and Samara State Aerospace University. It was obvious to Reneta from a young age that she was curious about the world, wanted to explore it and make it a better place. It was clear that she had an international DNA.

Personal Background

Reneta was born in Europe and has worked and lived in 9 cities, 5 countries spanning 3 continents. She credits her experience and knowledge not by chance but by choice. To those who may want to follow a similar path, she recommends exploring different cultures and being among diverse people as a way to be a better person, professional and to make positive impact on your community, country and the world. She has a Master’s degree with honors in Aerospace Engineering and Aviation Business/Logistics from Samara State Aerospace University in Russia and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in the United States. One thing Reneta is very thankful for is to be able to have a career where she can incorporate her favorite areas of interests: international business, aerospace and technology. She loves being among customers from all over the world, has worked a lot in aerospace and tech and she founded two not for profit organizations. She is convinced her diverse and global experience helped her a lot along the way.

She started with learning one foreign language and now she speaks 5 languages. She suggests that the path to success is finding a meaning as to why you may want to pursue certain dream such as a language, idea, or business and more importantly to hustle to make your dream a reality. She made sure whatever she did, it was with purpose, related with her overall life and career objectives and aligned with her values.

Her recipe for learning a foreign language is as follows:

  1. Active Learning (create structure in your day and dedicate at least 50% of your time, enroll in a formal class to learn the language, find a teacher or mentor, do your homework, discipline yourself and do not do it alone);
  2. Passive Learning ( take massive action to immerse yourself in the culture, have fun and follow your hobbies such as read, listen to music, watch movies in the language you are);
  3. Give yourself a timeline and reward upon completion (365 days is good time to achieve success on big and complicated projects. Visit the country where this language is spoken).

As a matter of fact the same recipe applies to any big and complicated project.

Business background

What ignited the spark in Reneta, to found her new business, actually came to her when companies started coming and telling her their quite often horror experiences of expanding their business internationally and asking her to share her experience and advice with them. Serving her peers, creating B2B community where businesses can share their pains and find solution with other business that have done it and using technology to accelerate. Reneta thought this as a natural evolution how to grow business internationally today. After being in the business for almost 20 years this was the next logical step in her career and showed that there is always first time.

Reneta knows who her competitors are, their strengths and weaknesses. Inttradia stands out from other competitors: her competitive advantage is that her company focuses on international trade implementation, not just advice.

Inttradia‘s step-by-step, massive action and accountability process, allows you to test drive a market in a simpler, faster and more cost efficient way than ever before. Her company is unicorn with new and different business model. She did not want to start with the traditional model, it is simply not working. Complimenting new business model with technology further improves your journey and makes even more simpler, faster and more cost efficient. Inttradia is a partner who stand by you from discovery, through preparation and walks the talk to make your international trade dream a reality. Inttradia has more than 10 clients, partners and is rapidly growing.

When asked what the biggest issue for running her business is, she says finding the best solutions from the first time is impossible: there is no magic but rather it’s about continuous hustle and relentless adjustment to do better today compared to yesterday. Reneta really loves her job and she feels happy because she can truly serve her customers and meaningfully help them expand their business globally. In fact, she started out by providing FREE consultations; this shows her love for business.

If she had the chance to start her career over again and do anything differently she would continue to dream big but start smaller than how she started. It’s like gardening, takes time to see the fruits of your work.

Reneta’s advice to anyone with similar interests is as it follows:

It is very important for all people, young and experiences to realize that our world has changed significantly and we are living into a totally different world from our parents’ and grandparents’. There is no security anymore; neither for the employees nor for the employers. You must build a brand, rely on yourself and stay strong, no matter who you are working with. Do not fall into the shadows of the organizations you are associated with. Keep on improving as a person and more importantly as a professional.

Don’t be afraid to try, go out and make the world your play ground. There is so much fun and excitement ahead, and you should make the best of opportunities that come your way.

If you want to discover more about Reneta Johnson and about her experience, JOIN HER at the Toronto World Leadership Forum.

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