Salman Mir, a peacemaker and a global citizen who fosters his ideas to life!

Salman Mir is our Leadership Ambassador from Pakistan at the Toronto World Leadership Forum.

He is a marketer, an entrepreneur and a dreamer. He is also an active community member and a successful entrepreneur.

His enthusiasm and drive have allowed him to work his way up to become a business partner and director at a leading alternate-energy engineering firm, in Pakistan. Also, moving to Canada, he has ventured in 2017, into e-commerce and started a trading corporation. Moreover, he is the founder and President of PetroNexus Group Inc., a distribution company, selling equipment and material for oil and gas utility, infrastructure and construction.

His desire to help other people led him to be an active member, serving as a volunteer, member, Social Events Director and later as the President of the Rotaract club of SZABIST Karachi mid-city. Also, Salman has recently joined Rotaract Mississauga. This way he has the chance to actively contribute to the better future of humanity.

Life comes full circle when you contribute and work towards improving the well-being of people around you and beyond.

Having lived in the Middle East, Pakistan and Canada, Salman made friends and discovered people from various cultures and traditions. Therefore, this exposure has helped him grow as a better person. Also, it has given him the great opportunity to interact, learn and have a better understanding of the world.

Salman Mir is a global citizen who believes that if given the platform, today’s youth will become the future world leaders.

The Toronto World Leadership Forum gives the opportunity to engage in a dialogue with the current and young future leaders.

Together, everyone can put the basis of a new generation of peacemakers. Along with a strong desire and will to break the stereotypes and to think beyond, they will create a better world.

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