Meet Steffan Surdek, the promoter of co-creative leadership!

Steffan Surdek is our Leadership Ambassador from Canada. He is a successful leadership development coach and corporate trainer, a professional speaker and author.

My drive is to expand the notion of leadership, in order to include in this process each member of a team.

Steffan Surdek is the founder of “Pyxis Cultures”, a consulting and training company from Montreal, Canada. Their goal is to help companies build collaborative and engaging cultures. So, Steffan helps leaders develop more self-awareness, challenging them on what they perceive as possible and helping them see new possibilities.

His work is important because companies are looking to enhance their organizational cultures and develop their leaders. Also, he works with leaders, who want to develop themselves and to be guided to reach their goal and teach them agile practices as well as how to communicate better.

He believes that he can contribute to a greater cause, by connecting with people on a personal level. As a widely recognized principal consultant, his work has a strong business impact. Moreover, his mission is to reshape cultures and to guide them in becoming more efficient and collaborative.

Steffan often participates and speaks at global conferences about the power of teams. His passionate storytelling engages audiences and makes the learning stick. Moreover, he writes about an authentic leadership for many business websites.

Steffan Surdek strongly believes that connecting with people at a personal level allows him to contribute to a greater cause. This way he is able to make a real and sustainable difference with his clients.

The Toronto World Leadership Forum offers everyone the opportunity to promote co-creative leadership and the power of teams. Through this World Leadership Platform for Peace, people will connect with other leaders from different cultures and fields. This is an opportunity to promote a new kind of leadership and to make a step towards redefining leadership through peace.

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