Sunil Tulsiani

Sunil Tulsiani, a visionary who completely changed his life and became a true leader

Sunil Tulsiani is one of the main speakers to the Toronto World Leadership Forum. Sunil is a man with a complex life. He is a true leader, with years of experience and a very committed person.

Best selling author, mentor, a former cop, and a real estate investor. For 15 years, Sunil Tulsiani was a former officer and negotiator of the Ontario Provincial Police. Not long after becoming Platoon Commander, he decided to leave his job because he needed a balance between his personal and professional life.

Sunil completely changed his life. Therefore, he turned to real estate, and in the first year, he ended up buying and selling 77 properties. And he discovered that he is great at it.

Today he is a celebrity real-estate wealth coach, an internationally renowned public speaker, best-selling author and a multi-millionaire investor.

Sunil Tulsiani is the president “Private Investment Club” (PIC) and “Tulsiani Investments” (TI). Through his companies, he helps people reach the level of success he currently has.

Furthermore, he is a committed citizen, who strongly believes in socially responsible policies.

He enjoys teaching different people to reach success. Also, his unique approach to building a team, investigating the opportunity and giving everyone the opportunity to participate in exclusive deals at below market value made him one of the most successful investors in his area.

Moreover, Sunil goes by a simple rule: treat everyone with respect, take the lead role in a project and to invest first, create win-win situations for everyone involved, and keep your word.

Sunil Tulsiani is one of the main speakers of the Toronto World Leadership Forum and he will share his knowledge and experience with everyone who wants to reach success.

The Toronto World Leadership Forum invites everyone to find out what Sunil Tulsiani got prepared for us. Don’t miss his well-prepared and current theme: How to Build World-Class Credibility!

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