Syed Mohammed Tarique, a committed leader, who puts service above self!

Syed Mohammed Tarique is our Leadership Ambassador from Bangladesh. He is a man of words and action, a strong individual with strong moral values and a passionate leader!

Syed is Ocean Manager at Expeditors-DAC Branch, Expeditors International of Washington Inc. He successfully manages all activities of Ocean Export & Import operation, customer service, sales etc. In his work, he learned something essential: compliance is one key factor in global business, which he strongly maintains.

Syed is an active community member. He has joined the Rotary Club in Bangladesh, 15 years ago. Over time, he has served the community and became the President of the Rotary Club of Chittagong Sagorika (2013-2014). For his great work, he was awarded as best President of the Year out of 126 clubs in the Rotary International District 3282.

I go by the Rotary motto: service above self.

In 2015 he became District Chief Sergeant-at-Arms and he still is today. Moreover, Syed is District Rotaract Committee Chair, and he coordinates around 3.500 youth in the district. In addition, he is also Alumni of International Visitors Leadership Program, hosted by the State Government of USA.

He loves to work for the development of the community and to counsel youth for their professional and personal development.

Syed puts his every skill and knowledge to ensure sustainability for his work, and for the whole community.

Leadership Ambassador Syed Tarique is a passionate leader, with respect to tradition and with a vision towards a better and more peaceful, and prosperous world.

The Toronto World Leadership Forum welcomes leaders and peacemakers all around the world, to be part of a global movement for peace. If you have a voice, the passion and the initiative to make a meaningful change, then you have the power to rebuild entire societies and the whole world.

The Toronto World Leadership Forum will empower people from around the globe with innovative and practical tools, and network to lead the movement for prosperity through peace. 

Join Syed Tarique and other leaders and peacemakers in this great World Leadership Platform for Peace.

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