Tomas Villar De Rohde – The Portrait of a Youngster Devoted to Human Values

Tomas, 21 years old. Born in Germany, on the Luxembourg-France border, Tomas Villar De Rohde has felt the beneficial influence of multiculturalism in his early childhood.

He had his first contact with school in Germany, where he spent the most of his life. After that, he continued with his studies in France, USA and Argentina. He made the best of every chance he got while living in these countries, becoming fluent in French, English and Spanish.

He has always been very active in youth organizations and student life, ranging from different positions in student councils to memberships in the boy scouts, the Junge Union (Germany), the World Peace Youth, his local LEO Club, and Model United Nations events.

Professionally speaking, despite the fact that he was so young, he had been through a lot and he had accomplished internships that would make older people envious.

Nowadays, Tomas works at the National Congress of Argentina as a Research Assistant of Congresswoman Cornelia Schmidt-Liermann.

At the beginning of this year, along with friends and colleagues, Tomas co-founded the Buenos Aires-based ‘Instituto Sophie & Hans Scholl’, an NGO that aims at providing political education to youth around the Americas.

Following the example of the famous Scholl siblings, Tomas’ and his peers’ mission is to defend and promote the values of humanism, democracy, liberty, respect, and justice, to pave the way for a peaceful and globalized world for the generations to come.

Tomas Villar De Rohde is Leadership Ambassador at Toronto World Leadership Forum.


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