Women Should Be Empowered Both Financially and Mentally

Suprabha Raorane is a bio-technologist, a philanthropist and an art curator who lives in Mumbai, India. She works for children and women rights through Vibe Connect Foundation and various NGOs.

As an Indian representative at the United Nations, she spoke with dedication about these causes in United States, Turkey, and Nepal.

Suprabha Raorane was also the Chairperson for UNESCO at SIMUN 2017 (Sahara International Model United Nations) in Agadir, Morocco.

Over time, she has been working for various causes but women empowerment is the one that is the closest to her heart. This is what she feels from her experience:

I strongly believe that women should not only be empowered financially but also mentally and should stand up for their rights, no matter what! Often, due to personal issues and emotions, they get distracted from the professional aspects of life.

Because of her diplomatic abilities, she will proudly represent the United Nations Empowerment for Women at SIMUN 2018.

Suprabha Raorane is Leadership Ambassador at Toronto World Leadership Forum. You can discuss with her in Toronto about women’s empowerment on 20-21 April 2018.


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