Women in Leadership Foundation – a Partnership for Women, Empowerment, and Peace

The Women in Leadership Foundation, our newest partner, is a Non-profit organization (2001). It consists of Chapter cities that support the local advancement and development of women in leadership. Their program highlights include Mentorship, Leadership Workshops, Networking Events, Career Forums and Awards Receptions.

Leadership Ambassador Maya Kanigan

Women in Leadership Foundation (WILF) story begins with WILF’s Founder & President, Maya Kanigan, a commerce grad following her life’s passion and founded WILF at the age of 28. For Maya, WILF was created because she saw more potential in the women around her then they saw in themselves. She believed that featuring female role models and women’s success stories would inspire others and make a difference in the lives of the next generation. She felt that by doing so, we would see a ripple effect with more women in leadership roles.

Last week, Maya Kanigan has joined the Global Leading Platform of the Toronto World Leadership Forum as a Leadership Ambassador.

Women in Leadership Foundation is the Community arm of Women in Leadership (WIL) and is run independently by volunteers led by local Chapters, each with Co-chairs and a volunteer executive. Women in Leadership is a for-profit company and career placement agency. They provide training and career development and shares the mandate to advance women’s leadership development. WIL provides targeted executive & leadership placement services, has a job board for leadership positions, and they provide career advise, virtual and live career fairs/ info sessions, coaching and leadership training.

We promote international standards for leadership and exchange views and professional experiences with the leaders from Toronto World Leadership Forum. Together, we can consolidate awareness of the benefits women can bring in the economic and cultural developing a society needs.




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