Increasing Use of Party Limo Buses by Leaders in Toronto

In recent years, there has been a marked increase in the use of limousine buses by politicians and leaders in Ontario’s capital city. But what are some of the reasons driving this move towards limousine bus rentals & services? And are they justified? – whether or not they are being paid for by the taxpayer.

Queen’s Park – the Ontario legislature – in summer 2007

Toronto has always been a hub of Canadian influence, politics and culture. It houses the financial district that is home to Canada’s largest stock exchange, the TSX. It also is home to Queen’s Park, which is the home of Ontario’s government. The City Hall is also an iconic building in Toronto and houses the Toronto mayor and city counselors.

Political Leaders

This influence that the city wields has lead to the emergence of great leaders which include a number who became prime ministers of Canada. These leaders have always used many different forms of travel including charter bus transportation. Recently it emerged that some politicians were using limousine & party bus rental – as provider for transportation services. The leaders need an efficient travel and transportation service, this is especially true during political campaigns such as provincial and city elections. These elections usually require quite a lot of travel to many different parts of the province and the city.

Election Campaigns & Party Bus Capacity

In an average provincial or city election, the leaders who are seeking election travel an average of 5,000 kilometers per campaign. The distance traveled can vary greatly based on the type of election. For example, in federal elections, the party leaders travel much larger distances because they have to visit voters all over the country, and with a country as large as Canada, that means many airplane trips for very large distances. In Ontario and Toronto, the distances are smaller. However, they still have to cover a lot of ground while visiting voters in cities all over Ontario (or in the case of city elections, neighborhoods all around the city).

To travel these large distances leaders have a few options. One of these is to travel by planes, a charter such as greyhound. Another is to travel by limousine or charter bus service. The option that has emerged as one of the favorite for many is the party bus. The primary reason for using party buses is their large capacity. Some of the buses can carry as many as forty to fifty passengers. For a leader on the campaign trail – with many trailing reporters, staff and election officials – have a large limo bus that can carry everyone together is a big advantage!

In fact, many leaders almost make the campaign bus almost as a home during the campaign. They have staff set up a rest area, a washroom and all the paper and office supplies needed to run an effective campaign. And the most ironic part is that party buses actually cost less than plane travel or other forms of travel that leaders typically use.

It makes sense for leaders to be using this form of bus transportation because not only is it convenient, luxurious, it also save money for the taxpayers! Furthermore, by using a local party bus company in Toronto, the leaders are actually helping the economy of the city and pumping money into the local population, which helps the residents of the city.

Night-out in Toronto Transportation: Limousine Service or Taxi?

One of the great things about Toronto is that it has a wealth of nightlife. Every night, people from all over the city hit the clubs in the downtown section. People walk about, have fun go to the various bars and enjoy the different events that the city has to offer.

For many people, especially young professionals in Toronto, using limo rentals to get to their night out with friends can actually make a huge difference. For starters, it is a convenient way to get to the clubs. More importantly, you do not have to worry about finding a parking spot, or about the traffic or about driving. The best part is that someone else takes care of all these things while you sit back and enjoy the ride.

But this practice is not just limited to the professionals. Many young people including those coming from the suburbs are making use of Toronto limo service companies because of the convenience they provide. There is a factor that many people have not considered, and that factor is cost. It is almost universally surprising to most people that using a limousine can actually be a cheaper option than using a taxi cab. The reason is simple, a limousine can carry many passengers together, therefore it is possible to fit in one stretch limo the same number of people that would require 3 taxis to transport. This is a point the is missed by many and it means that when it comes to a cost per person, a limo rental in Toronto is actually cheaper than a taxi. To learn more about limos that are used for night outs as well as the most popular Toronto limousine services please visit this site.

Consider that using a limo for a night-on-the-town is a more fun and more luxurious method of travel and the choice becomes much easier. It also becomes clear why more people are using limos to travel to downtown Toronto for their night out evenings.

Regardless of the occasion, a limo rental in Toronto can turn any night into something that is worth remembering. So remember this when it is time for your next event, and most of all, enjoy every minute of it because that is the one thing that is most valuable to you. The time that you spend, the fun that you have and the memories that you make. Isn’t that what it is all about.

Luxury Transportation for Leaders

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